Beethoven’s Children

Beethoven’s children

“What”, you say? “I didn’t think he had any children…”

Sure, as far as we know all these years later about a man who was born in 1770 in Germany. And I am not suggesting that he was a father. What came to me this morning, while I was listening to one of Beethoven Sonatas was that that this man, who gave us so many works filled with sadness, drama, musical innovation, originality, and more, also must have had a sense for musical “painting” that was developed many years after Ludwig van Beethoven died.

I listened this morning to the Beethoven sonata number 10, and I noticed how bright it seemed, at least in the first movement, given that it is in G-major. What amazed and amused me was the 3rd movement: The music gave me the feeling that Beethoven was sitting in a Viennese park (there are many), and that he was watching young kids at play. Now, upon further reflection, perhaps he was feeding some bread to some pigeons. I heard some amazing sound play with alternating witty rhythms.

Listen now to hear, as I did, this joyous painting. In the video that follows, we hear the final sounds of the *second* movement, but the 3rd begins immediately after the loud final chord.

Here is Daniel Barenboim in Beethoven’s Sonata Nº 10 in G major Op. 14 Nº2, 3rd movement


If you’d like to comment with your own ideas about this work, I’d be delighted if you’d add these thought in the space below.


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