Music for Sleep

Music for sleep

When you are not able to sleep, the right music is occasionally able to help. What is key is to select from the endless library of music those selections that “speak to you”, and to explore whether any particular pieces have the power to bring some peace to your troubled mind.

Surely, selecting this music is a very personal thing. And it is important to listen to this music at the right level of volume setting on your music player.

Here are a few candidates that might work for you. I’d suggest that you listen to these at a time when you are able to devote some uninterrupted time. Then—once you have identified a few pieces — you can either purchase CD’s, or grab these from an on-line library of your choice.

Here are seven candidates for your consideration:

First, here is the Beethoven, Piano Concerto 5; the second movement. Performed by Daniel Barenboim (pianist & conductor) and Staatskapelle Berlin.

Next, here is the Adagio from the Brahms – Sonata No.3 D Minor for violin and piano



And now, here is Alfred Brendel playing Franz Schubert’s Impromptu Number 3 Op. 90


And next, here’s a very sad piece by Gustav Mahler: the Adagietto from the Symphony #5:


And here’s one that’s very famous: Vladimir Horowitz plays Schumann’s Traumerei from Kinderszenen Op. 15 (Several listeners are crying…)


And here’s another work for piano:

Glenn Gould plays the “Aria” from Bach’s “Goldberg Variations”


And lastly, here’s one of my favorites. Glenn Gould again: This time performing Brahms’ Intermezzo Op.117 number 2


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