Hewitt’s Debussy

Hewitt’s Debussy

Angela Hewitt’s new CD shows us her ability to capture the humor, delicacy, and charm of Debussy’s music.

We get to enjoy some of the composer’s most sunlit, delightful and popular works: “Children’s Corner” was written for Debussy’s beloved daughter. Hewitt embraces the music’s humor, gentleness, and total beauty. Debussy’s beautiful  “Suite bergamasque” includes the famous ”Clair de Lune.”

Also included on this recording are the tragic “Masques”, and the gorgeously exuberant “L’isle joyeuse”.

Angela Hewitt’s wonderful pianistic touch, her fluency and sense of rhythm and color are executed with equal capabilities in the first of the two arabesques. She seems to have thought deeply about the diversities of style and ideas that run through ‘Children’s Corner’. All the other pieces come across with delightful spontaneity.

Here is Angela Hewitt in Clair De Lune by Debussy:



And next, here’s a really interesting video of Angela Hewitt talking about playing Bach on the Piano (rather than the harpsichord)



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