Netrebko’s delight

Netrebko’s delight

Older CD’s still have an opportunity to bring the listener great pleasure. In this case, we have an older recording in which Anna Netrebko shows us what a lush and beautiful coloratura soprano voice she has. The range of her lustrous voice is amazing. Her interpretations are always filled with emotion, and many of her arias and songs either bring tears or laughter.

As an introduction, I have assembled a set of selections sung my Ms. Netrebko on my Spotify playlist called “Hank’s Netrebko”. Click the link to hear selections by Donizetti, Bellini, Mozart and others. Her voice says it all…

On this CD, the repertoire is all from many well-known Italian operas, ranging from Bellini to Puccini.

The selections are:


Ah! Se una volta sola (from La Sonnambula)
Ah, non credea mirarti (from La Sonnambula)
Ah! non giunge uman pensiero (from La Sonnambula)
O rendetemi la speme…Qui la voce sua soave…Vien, diletto (from I Puritani)
Ah! tu sorridi (from I Puritani)
Vien, diletto, è in ciel la luna (from I Puritani)


Vien, diletto, è in ciel la luna (from I Puritani)
Ohimè! Sorge il tremendo fantasma (from Lucia di Lammermoor)
Ardon gli incensi (from Lucia di Lammermoor)
Spargi d’amaro pianto (from Lucia di Lammermoor)


O mio babbino caro (from Gianni Schicchi)


È strano! è strano!…Ah! fors è lui (from La traviata)
Sempre libera (from La Traviata)
Era più calmo? (from Otello)
Piangea cantando nell’erma landa (from Otello)
Ave Maria (from Otello)

Performed by Anna Netrebko, with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Claudio Abbado

Here is a video of Ms. Netrebko, in “Meine Lippen sie Kussen so heiss”. I love this wonderful video! She shows us her humor, and her acting capability:



And here’s Anna Netrebko, singing from “Il Trovatore” by Verdi:


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