Schubert Lieder

Schubert: 21 Lieder

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau who died on the 18th of May 2012 was a German singer (Baritone) who became world famous for his interpretation and performance of Schubert’s songs, as well as opera, religious music and songs of Richard Strauss.

It seems as though this CD is a fitting memorial for Mr. Dieskau’s life in music, and he gives us the following Schubert masterpieces, many of which made him famous:


An die Entfernte, D765 (Goethe)
Auf dem Wasser zu singen, D774
Das Heimweh, D456 (Winkler)
Das Lied im Grünen, D917
Das Zugenglocklein D871 (Seidl)
Der Jüngling an der Quelle, D300 (Salis-Seewis)
Der Jungling und der Tod, D545 (Spaun)
Der Schiffer, D536 (Mayrhofer)
Der Strom, D565 (poet unknown)
Der Tod und das Mädchen, D531
Der Wanderer, D649 (Friedrich von Schlegel)
Der Winterabend (Es ist so still), D938
Der zürnende Barde D785 (Bruchmann)
Die Forelle, D550
Du bist die Ruh D776 (Rückert)
Erlkönig, D328
Heidenröslein, D257
Litanei auf das Fest Allerseelen, D343
Nachtgesang D314 (Kosegarten)
Sei mir gegrüsst! D741 (Rückert)
Ständchen ‘Horch! Horch! die Lerch!’, D889

Performed by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (baritone), with Gerald Moore (piano)

It might be less well known that Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau was drafted into the German Wehrmacht in 1943. At that time, he had just completed his secondary school studies and one semester at the Berlin Conservatory. He was captured in Italy in 1945 and spent two years as an American prisoner of war. After the War, he resumed his studies and built a strong career as a musician.

It is hard for me to reach closure on how one man can be so sensitive and so musical, and — at the same time — be a part of such hatred of other humans. I better leave it at that–

Here is Fisher-Dieskau with Sviatoslav Richter, piano, singing Schubert’s “Am Fenster” (At the Window”)



And next, here is the Schubert song: “Die Forelle” (Fischer-Dieskau, and Gerald Moore)



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