New Star!

A new Star!

This morning, I listened carefully to a young, 28 year old Russian-trained violinist. Her name is Alina Ibragimova. And she is TERRIFIC! I have to tell you that I find myself spellbound by her playing. Her technique seems flawless; but what’s more is that her interpretations are mature, with great feeling, displaying wonderful and tasteful dynamic changes, and an ability to make me smile!

Let me start with some Spotify audio clips of her, playing sections of Beethoven’s works, because the Mendelssohn violin concerto is not yet available at Spotify.



Like every young violinist, I, too, studied the Violin concerto in E-Minor by Mendelssohn. I recall that my father, who was also a violinist, tried to communicate the importance of certain sections of this music, but I simply did not “get it”. I must have been 10 years old at that time, and I am aware now that personal maturity plays a huge role in terms of how anyone can try to express herself musically.

So… I really appreciate how difficult it is to really play this music well.

Ibragimova gives us a glittering, razor-sharp performance; her playing is a portrayal in itself of the music’s passion and diverse feelings. The Violin Concerto in D minor is another selection on this CD. It is an early work, written when the composer was only thirteen. As with Mendelssohn’s other juvenile works, it is totally accomplished and very charming.

Here’s a video of Ms. Ibragimova performing the Mendelssohn E-Minor concerto in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam: What beautiful playing! And what an amazing interpretation that invites the listener to feel this music with Ms. Ibragimova!



And finally, here is Violinist Alina Ibragimova playing Bach:



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