Schubert So Sad

Schubert So Sad

I was listening to music by Franz Schubert this morning. He died in 1828 at age 31, and yet he left us a huge gift of his symphonies, sonatas, chamber music, as well as more than 600 songs that have survived to this day.

Let me start with 4 selections that I captured at Spotify under “Hank’s Schubert”; these include three songs, but then I added one of Schubert’s piano Impromptus, so my listeners can end with a more consoled feeling:



One very helpful factor in Schubert’s life was that he had many friends: Poets, singers, performers, and a whole lot of folks who enjoyed coming together at people’s homes to enjoy music as a source of common entertainment.

I listened to Jorma Hynninen perform a section of Schubert’s “Winterreise” (Winter’s journey). The song was about watching flowers in the cold of winter, and then being startled by a bunch of black ravens on the roof. The mood alternated between tenderness of memories of “maidens”, and the realities of Schubert’s present life.

Here is Jorma Hynninen in Schubert’s “Rest” & “Dream of Spring” (from Winterreise)


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