Swing, Sing, and Think


  • Swing, Sing, and Think

“Swing, Sing and Think” is a film about the amazing pianist, David Fray. The film takes us to the recording sessions of three of Bach’s famous clavier concertos.

Each chapter features a few minutes of Fray at his home in Paris explaining his interpretation of the score at his piano, followed by rehearsal and recording sessions with the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, one of the finest chamber orchestras in Europe.

Here are several extracts from this DVD, via my Spotify Playlist called “Hank’s David Fray”



David Fray is a fantastic musician. Watching him play and watching the musicians of the orchestra react to his suggestions is both great fun and totally magical. He is able to obtain great playing from the orchestra which is composed of older musicians than he is. The results are outstanding.

As David Fray plays piano, he shows us his emotions on his face, from gloom to rapture. And the orchestra musicians attempt to follow the musical instructions of this young, passionate French stereotype.

And now for some videos:

Here is David Fray – Bach Keyboard Concertos:




And next, the wonderful slow movement (Largo) and the Presto from Bach’s Concerto No 5 in F Minor (BWV 1056):




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