Satie and Friends

Satie & Compagnie

French composers Debussy, Ravel, Satie and Poulenc are all featured on this CD. From the gentlest impressionism to the later French styles, the journeys of French music are many and varied – and beautifully colorful. And don’t forget the humor that many of these fine composers gave to us to enrich our lives.

Here is a collection of music form my Spotify playlist called “Hank’s Satie and friends”



On this recording, we get the following music:



Le petit nègre
Clair de lune

Dupont, G:

Après-midi de dimanche (Les Heures dolentes)


Nonchalante (extrait de Au parc Monceau)

Hahn, R:

Le banc songeur (Le Rossignol Eperdu)


Le Chant des Pêcheurs (Paysages et Marines)


Pastourelle (L’Eventail de Jeanne No. 8)


A la manière de Chabrier
piano 4 hands with Gaspard Dehaene


Six Gnossiennes
Le Piccadilly
Trois Gymnopédies
Valse du mystérieux baiser dans l’oeil
La belle excentrique: 4. Cancan Grand-Mondain
piano 4 hands with Gaspard Dehaene
Embryons desséchés: d’Holothurie
Trois Morceaux En Forme De Poire
movements I-II

Schmitt, F:

Glas (Musiques intimes, 2e recueil)


Où l’on entend une vieille boîte à musique

Performed by Anne Queffélec (piano)


Here is Anne Queffelec, as she plays Chopin



And next, here she is in a section from the concerto for Oboe by Alessandro Marcello (1669 – 1747) and later adapted by J.S. Bach (1675-1750) for keyboard as his BWV 974:


So you can see that she plays the “old music”, and also the new music of Satie!

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