Great Performer!

Great Performer:

  • Anne-Sophie Mutter

I have admired the playing of violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter for many years. I am always moved by her amazing musical feeling, her ability to create supreme pianissimos, and her great virtuosity.

When I am feeling poorly, music is my best medicine. So today, I went back to the Digital Concert Hall, the on-line venue of the Berlin Philharmonic. One of the great aspects of the DCH is the availability of wonderful previous concerts in the Berlin Philharmonic’s archives.

After just a cursory inspection at the site, I located a concert by the orchestra with Anne-Sophie Mutter as soloist. The notes for the concert told me that sh played the Dvorak Violin concerto with the orchestra on February 9, 2013. (It shows up in the European abbreviation as 09/02/2013)

For me, music is a healer because it distracts me from my medical issues. And that’s a real blessing, as it was today. Ms. Mutter played this concerto in a simply wonderful style. And the composer decided to really keep her constantly busy. This concerto dos not have long orchestral introductions or interludes. This is a concert for violin, and he kept her playing constantly.

A small cloth between her shoulder and the instrument began its journey down her shoulder and ultimately down her arm; in a short moment of a break, she lifted the cloth from its precarious perch and placed it on the conductor’s stand.

This melodious concerto lifted my spirits some, as I connected with its many emotional transitions. I was unable to locate some videos of this concert in Berlin. So, I have to show you Ms. Mutter in other settings:

Here is the Beethoven Violin Concerto- with Seiji Ozawa and Anne-Sophie Mutter



And next, here’s a real charmer: Anne-Sophie Mutter “Hungarian Dance No2” by Brahms:



That’s the great Anne-Sophie Mutter!


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