Mahler’s 9th

Mahler symphony #9

This is Gustavo Dudamel’s first CD with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, recorded live at the Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall as part of their 2012 Mahler Project.

Years ago, many conductors waited for a long time before they even gave thought to performing Mahler’s works. But—Gustavo Dudamel is no ordinary conductor!

Gustav Mahler’s amazing Ninth Symphony was completed in 1909; tragically, he died in May 1911, without ever hearing it performed.

Track Listings are as follows:

Disc: 1
1. Andante comodo
2. Im Tempo eines gemachlichen Landlers.

Disc: 2
3. Rondo-Burleske. Allegro assai. Sehr trotzig
4. Adagio. Sehr langsam und noch zuruckhaltend

The key part of the Mahler Ninth is the Adagio finale, which goes beyond the turbulence and satire of the earlier movements. In this final movement, I personally hear Mahler’s farewell to music, and in fact, his farewell to life.

Since Mahler went on to compose a Tenth Symphony that was left incomplete, there is a sublime sense of total end in this movement. A great interpretation must be tragic; yet, at the same time, it should not overdo the pathos. Dudamel shows us a sense of delicacy, a respectful tenderness, and a reverence toward Mahler’s end of life.

Here is Mr. Dudamel conducting the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra in the beginning of Mahler’s 9th Symphony:



And next, here is a section of the final movement:



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