Paavo Berglund

Johannes Brahms:

  • Symphonies numbers 1-4

Performed by the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, conducted by Paavo Berglund

This 3 CD-album features the four Symphonies by Johannes Brahms, performed by the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, under Paavo Berglund.

Paavo Berglund (1929–2012) was one of the most acclaimed Finnish conductors of the last few decades. This highly praised symphony cycle is released in honor of his memory.

The Chamber Orchestra of Europe, is one of the finest ensembles in the world, and has released over 100 recordings with the world’s leading conductors and soloists, winning several prestigious awards.

Present day performances of the Brahms symphonies with smaller string forces are rare, but there is evidence that the size of the orchestra in Brahms’ time was not large, and Brahms’ own orchestra in Meiningen performed his fourth symphony with almost the same number of players as are used on this recording.

I love these works of Brahms; If I ask myself which of these symphonies I like best, I always come out with the second and the fourth, because I hear more of Nature in them.

Here is my favorite conductor, the late Carlos Kleiber, conducting the Vienna Philharmonic in the Symphony #2 by Johannes Brahms. What amazing, delightful music! The conductor smiles while he makes music, and I find myself smiling, too:

And next, here is Carlos Kleiber conducting Brahms’ Symphony No.4 with the Bavarian State Orchestra.


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