Brazilian Sentiments

Brazilian Sentiments

As many of you know, I love the music of Brazil, because of its mystery, amazing rhythms, and generally upbeat sounds. These tunes often invite me to just get up and move, dance in my room, and smile.

There are 25 tracks on this CD. The songs are in Portuguese;

The songs were composed by:

  • Heitor Villa-Lobos,
  • Claudio Santoro,
  • Tom Jobim, and
  • Ronaldo Miranda

The performers are: Cristiane Roncaglio (soprano), André Bayer (guitar) and Cristian Peix (piano)

Villa-Lobos used poems by Manuel Bandeira and Ronald de Carvalho still back in the 1920s for his songs. He gradually found a balance between the popular song style, and the chamber song’s refinement. The “Canção de Amor” as well as “Cair da Tarde” and “Veleiro”, belong to some of his last works.

To learn more about these composers, click HERE

Soprano Cristiane Roncaglio beautifully confirms all the associations with song and rhythms that are connected with her home country of Brazil in this new recording.

Here is Cristiane Roncaglio in “Veleiro”


And here she is again in Portrait-SAMBALÁ:



Finally, have a look at this, if you’d like to learn the Samba:



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