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  • Four-Hand Piano Music

Like so many musicians, I just love the music of Claude Debussy. He was a master orchestrator as shown in compositions such as “La Mer”. And his chamber music, including his colorful violin Sonata is wonderful, as well.

Claude Debussy’s works for solo piano are in every pianist’s repertoire; and there are amazing, well-known and loved compositions there. This recording is somewhat different, because it music for piano four-hands (meaning two pianists sitting at one instrument)

On this CD we get to hear:


  • Petite Suite
  • Marche Écossaise (1st version)
  • 6 Epigraphes antiques
  • Première Suite pour Orchestre for 4 hands

Performed by Jean-Pierre Armengaud and Olivier Chauzu (piano)

The recent discovery (2008) of the “Première Suite d’orchestre” for piano four – hands is a large-scale, sonorous work, which reveals Debussy’s typical interest in constantly evolving musical forms.

The “Six Épigraphes antiques” is a colorful work of great creative freedom, and this is clearly heard in the score for two pianists.

The “Petite Suite” includes such well-loved movements as En bateau and Cortège, while the “Marche ecossaise” is heard on this recording in its rare first version.

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Here is music from this CD:



And next, here is the Debussy Petite Suite for 4 hands:



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