Janine Jansen

Janine Jansen plays Schoenberg and Schubert

As many of you know from my previous posts, I am a great admirer of violinist Janine Jansen. She now presents a new album coupling two of the most heart-felt masterpieces of the Viennese music repertoire, as listed below:


  • Verklärte Nacht, Op. 4, for String Sextet

Performed by Janine Jansen (violin), Boris Brovtsyn (violin), Maxim Rysanov (viola), Amihai Grosz (viola), Torleif Thedéen (cello), Jens Peter Maintz (cello)


  • String Quintet in C major, D956

Performed by Janine Jansen (violin), Boris Brovtsyn (violin), Maxim Rysanov (viola), Torleif Thedéen (cello), Jens Peter Maintz (cello)

Schubert’s last and greatest chamber work, the sublime String Quintet in C major, is contrasted with the young Arnold Schoenberg’s earliest masterpiece, “Verklärte Nacht “(Transfigured Night).

For this recording, Janine Jansen is joined by a group of exceptional young musicians who are all close personal friends as well as fellow members of Spectrum Concerts Berlin, the prestigious German chamber music group with whom Jansen has played since 1998.

Alongside Swedish cellist Torleif Thedéen and Ukrainian viola player Maxim Rysanov, who both joined Jansen for her 2007 Bach album, they include Russian-born violinist Boris Brovtsyn, Israeli violist Amihai Grosz and German cellist Jens Peter Maintz.

I love both of these amazing musical works. The Schoenberg presents a dialog between a man and a woman, when the woman discloses her dark secret. Schubert’s quintet represents some of the most sad, painful, and dark music he ever composed.

Jansen describes these two works as impressive compositions, clearly from different periods, yet matching each other in intensity, intimacy, and emotion.

Here is the track Listing:


1. I Sehr langsam
2. II Etwas bewegter
3. III Schwer betont
4. IV Sehr breit und langsam
5. V Sehr ruhig


6. I Allegro ma non troppo
7. II. Adagio
8. III Scherzo: Presto Trio: Andante sostenuto
9. IV Allegretto

Here is Janine Jansen Playing the Brahms Violin Concerto



And next, here she is in the wonderful Schubert Piano trio D 898;
The performers are:

Janine Jansen, violin
Torleif Thedéen, cello
Itamar Golan, piano



Finally, here she is in Franz Schubert’s Sonata for Violin and Piano in A major, D. 574 “Grand Duo”:




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