Stephen Goss, guitar

Stephen Goss – Guitar

  • The Garden Of Cosmic Speculation

On this CD, we get to hear the following:

Goss, S:

  • The Garden Of Cosmic Speculation
  • Oxen Of The Sun
  • An Ideal Insomnia
  • Park Of Idols

Performed by Jonathan Leathwood (guitars), Graham Caskie (piano), Leonig Gorokhov (cello), and Richard Hand (guitar)

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is an architect – designed garden covering 30 acres in the Borders area of Scotland. Each of the 11 movements of the piece focuses on a single garden feature. Stephen Goss is a guitarist as well as composer and writes music that draws freely on a number of styles and genres.

If you love guitar music, I bet you’ll enjoy this recording.

Here is the “Aragonaise” from the “Carmen Fantasy” by Stephen Goss performed by the Tetra Guitar Quartet



And next here is “El Llanto de los Sueños”, which draws on ideas and images from the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca. The music suggests a dream-like nostalgia for the Andalusia of the nineteen-twenties and early thirties.



Finally, here is the “Sonata For Guitar” performed by Stephen Goss; The Sonata for Guitar explores resonance; not only the historical resonance of the various sonatas connected with the piece, but also the characteristic acoustic resonance of the guitar itself.



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