Bach Cello Music

Bach, J S:

  • Cello Suites Nos. 1-6, BWV1007-1012

Since the days of famous cellist Pablo Casals, every cellist aims to reach a huge career accomplishment by learning, studying, and mastering the Solo Cello suites by Johann Sebastian Bach. Cellists such as the late Janos Starker and the Russian – born Cellist Mstislav Rostropovich achieved fame that way. And the struggle for achievement continues to this day.

For the first time in his career Jan Vogler has performed these Suites for Solo Cello over two evenings during the Summer in 2012. After his brilliant performances he decided to record all 6 Cello Suites. This CD brings these masterpieces to us, as an audience, for our review and hopeful enjoyment.

The music is performed by Jan Vogler (cello)

Jan Vogler is also the General Director of the Dresden Musikfestspiele and founder and Artistic Director of the Moritzburg Chamber Music Festival. His career has featured him with renowned conductors like Lorin Maazel, Fabio Luisi and internationally acclaimed orchestras such as the New York Philharmonic, the Chicago, Symphony Orchestra, the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra and the Vienna Symphony.

Here is Jan Vogler – Cello Suite No 1. I actually do not care for this mostly mechanical, and seemingly stop/start interpretation; but judge for yourself, and add your message in the space below:



Wow— it turns out that I do not like the following interpretation either. It seems chopped up, and there is no real continuation of the musical line. That’s my honest opinion, and I have to remain true to it.



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