Performances Compared

Performances compared

  • Ravel: Piano Concerto #1, in G-Major

Early this morning I heard a wonderful performance of the second movement of the Ravel piano concerto number 1 by Maurice Ravel. In that performance, the pianist and conductor was none other than Leonard Bernstein.

I love the second movement of that piece, and it occurred to me that it would be nice to explore how different pianists perform this music. Parts of this concerto feature a lot of Jazz rhythms, but the second movement is very lyrical, and has an amazing interplay between the piano and the orchestra.

Here is the Ravel Piano concerto in G – II Adagio assai – with L. Bernstein, piano and conductor:



And next, let’s hear how Martha Argerich plays the Ravel Piano Concerto In G Major (the second movement begins at 08:59)



Finally, here is the Ravel – Concerto for piano G major with Helen Grimaud; (the second movement begins at ~09:30)


Please tell me in the space below which of these you like best; or perhaps another pianist’s interpretation <Michelangeli?>. Oh, yes, my own favorite is Martha Argerich.


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