Cedric Tiberghien.

Chopin and Brahms:

  • Ballades for piano

From this CD, we get to experience the best of the Romantic Ballade: the musical equivalent of the short story or brief novel.

We get to listen to the following:


  • Ballades (4), Op. 10


  • Ballades Nos. 1-4

Performed by Cédric Tiberghien (piano)

Published over a period of ten years under independent opus numbers, Chopin’s four Ballades form a coherent entity, like his four Scherzos. These pieces were composed in a single burst of creativity and assembled under a single unifying opus number,

Johannes Brahms’ four Ballades of Op.10 make up what might be described as a ‘ballade sonata’ because of their great depth and complex musical structure.

I like the sensitive, thoughtful playing of Cedric Tiberghien. These selections have been performed by the world’s leading pianists, and it is always a challenge to explore how a performer might bring new insight to these famous compositions. Just listen for yourselves:

Here is Cedric Tiberghien in Frederic Chopin’s Ballade Op. 23 In G Minor:



And next, here is Cedric Tiberghien in Johannes Brahms’ Ballade, Op. 10, No. 1


Finally here is a brief artist’s portrait of Cedric Tiberghien:



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