The “Eyes” Have It

When you have a great conductor who leads a world-class orchestra, amazing things can happen.

Years ago, Leonard Bernstein spent many months leading the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. He had to endure a lot of frustration to teach this group of musicians how to perform the music of Gustav Mahler again. Many years earlier, Mahler was the conductor of this orchestra, and the players hated to perform Mahler’s music.

Many years passed. And now that same great conductor reached a point where he just needed to stand in front of the players, and they knew exactly what they needed to do, and how they needed to play. No baton, and no arm movements were required by the conductor.

Watch them now, as they perform the Haydn Symphony No 88, 4th movement, with Leonard Bernstein and the Wiener Philarmoniker. The conductor’s eyes say it all:



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