Sinfonia Concertante

Sinfonias for Wind Instruments.

I have owned this recording for many, many years. And most of the time, I play tracks 4, 5, and 6 because I love the sound of wind instruments.

In the Sinfonia Cocnertante K. 297b, Mozart again demonstrates his amazing abilities to create a fantastic interplay of sounds for Oboe, Clarinet, Basson and Horn, as accompanied by a chamber orchestra, in this case the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.

The music is so lovely, so inventive, and so soothing. I hold on to this for any time that I want to experience a cherished old friend.

The Track Listings are:


1. Sinf Conc in E flat, K.364: 1. Allegro Maestoso
2. Sinf Conc in E flat, K.364: 2. Andante
3. Sinf Conc in E flat, K.364: 3. Presto


4. Sinf Conc in E flat, K.297b: 1. Allegro
5. Sinf Conc in E flat, K.297b: 2. Adagio
6. Sinf Conc in E flat, K.297b: 3. Andantino Con Vars

Here is this music, although performed by a different group that is not as accomplished as the one in this recording:

W.A. Mozart: Symphony Concertante KV297b (1st mvt.) for Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon and Orchestra:



Next, here is the Mozarteum Orchestra from Salzburg, Austria in Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante in E-Flat, KV297b as they perform the lovely third movement:


A charming and elegant performance!

So you liked the third movement as played by the Mozarteum Orchestra? Yup… really fine.

Well… here, then is the whole piece; all 31 minutes of it:


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