Fleming Sings Strauss and Wolf.

Anton Bruckner:

  • Symphony No. 7

Hugo Wolf:

  • Lieder

Recorded live at the Semperoper Dresden, September 2012

This DVD is posted as the DVD of the month for July, 2103, because it fulfilled dual roles for me, and perhaps for you, as well: On one hand, it allows us to simply delight and enjoy the amazing voice and interpretations of songs performed by Renee Fleming.

Yet, there’s work to do for me, at least: and that’s my on-going work to explore the music of an enigmatic composer, whose name is Anton Bruckner. More listening is bound to be helpful.

We hear the following selections:


  • Symphony No. 7 in E Major

Strauss, R:

  • Befreit, Op. 39 No. 4

Renée Fleming (soprano)

Wolf, H:

  • Verborgenheit (No. 12 from Mörike-Lieder)

Renée Fleming (soprano)

  • Er ist’s (No. 6 from Mörike-Lieder)

Renée Fleming (soprano)

  • Elfenlied (No. 16 from Mörike-Lieder)

Renée Fleming (soprano)

  • Anakreons Grab (No. 29 from Goethe-Lieder)

Renée Fleming (soprano)

  • Mignon II ‘Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt’ (No. 6 from Goethe-Lieder)

Renée Fleming (soprano)

Performed by the Staatskapelle Dresden, Christian Thielemann, conductor

The Dresden Staatskapelle has an important Bruckner tradition, stretching back a century and more, which is curated by its new music director, Christian Thielemann

Austrian composer Hugo Wolf is best known for his songs; and they are especially great when sung by Renée Fleming with the utmost delicacy and intimacy.

Both Thielemann and Fleming are renowned interpreters of Romantic repertoire.
Bruckner’s 7th Symphony was premiered in 1884 to strong acclaim, and it established him as a serious composer of symphonic music; Wolf’s Songs were composed four years later.

Here is Renee Fleming, with her performance of HUGO WOLF’s ‘Elfenlied’



And next, here is the Bruckner Symphony No. 7 with Christian Thielemann conducting:



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