Hélène Grimaud.

Hélène Grimaud:

  • Brahms, the Piano Concertos

The video below was very touching for me, based on several perspectives:

1. I am nuts about the music composed by Johannes Brahms. My favorites include the two concertos for piano and orchestra, as well as the four symphonies, the Serenades, the violin concerto, and all of the great sonatas and chamber music. this music can be so peaceful, so full of Nature’s sounds, yet sometimes also highly emotional.

2. Then this video brought me another special dimension: the music is performed at the Large Hall of the Friends of Music in Vienna, where Brahms, himself came in 1897, to hear a performance of his Symphony #4.

3. Every major artist during the past many years has performed there. This includes pianists such as Vladimir Horowitz, and later Lang Lang, violinist such as Anne-Sophie Mutter, and – of course — orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic.

4. Back in 1950, when I spent a year living in Vienna with my parents, I have this vivid recollection of attending my first-ever orchestral concert at this hall. I was 14 years old. I have a photo for you on the left side to show you the great majesty of this hall.

In the following video, pianist Hélène Grimaud tells you more about the music of Brahms, and why it is so meaningful to her. Here it is for your enjoyment; and the music is beautifully played by this fine artist:



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