Mozart’s masterpiece.

Mozart’s Figaro.

Back in 1950, my family spent one year in Vienna, Austria. The time there was not all that happy, because of a whole lot of family issues, matters of illness, and lack of stability. I was 14 then. One thing I do recall with great fondness is that I got introduced to a lot of music.

I remember seeing a production of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro at the Vienna Opera, and this became a great favorite. In fact, I fell in love with the soprano who sang the role of Susanna. The name of that artist was Irmgard Seefried.

The opera was originally set in the 1700’s, during the time of Mozart’s life, and Mozart, with his librettist present the social issues of the times, together with amazingly wonderful music.

This DVD updates the opera to the 1960s, finding it to be a period that acts as a good modern equivalent for the changing social attitudes that are to be found in Mozart and Beaumarchais’ time.

What is really great in this production of Figaro is how its characters are brought to life in this is excellent Glyndebourne production.

Vito Priante is terrific as Figaro, and I loved Lydia Teuscher is a lovely and delicate Susanna. (See photo at the left side). Sally Matthews gives us a wonderful melancholic Countess where everything that is important comes through in the expression of her voice.

Here is a wonderful duet from Mozart’s “LE NOZZE DI FIGARO” (Glyndebourne production)




If you’d like to watch the whole opera, the link below is for you; or just hear the delightful overture:



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