The Joy of Mozart.

Many of you already know that in my next life I will study the viola and the Cello. I love the darkness and the depth that can achieved by these instruments.

There are not all that many works in which the viola is one of the featured instruments, and one of the best known is Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante. I am listening right this moment to a wonderful, sensitive performance of this amazing work.

There are times that I come across new artists, as is the case here. What I enjoy so much is to hear a really terrific performance, where attention to ensemble, precision, and strong musical feeling is emphasized.

Enjoy now the videos of this masterpiece:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Sinfonia concertante for violin, viola and orchestra in E-flat major, K 364 (320d) – First movement, Allegro maestoso

Performed by:
Susanna Yoko Henkel – violin

Maxim Rysanov – viola

With the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra



And next, let’s hear the second movement of Mozart’s Sinfonia concertante, K 364 – second movement, Andante:



Finally, let’s hear the third movement from the Sinfonia concertante, K 364, titled “Presto”:



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