Berlin Philharmonic.

Berlin’s Beethoven!

Om Wednesday night, August 28, 2013, I once again listened to the wonderful collection of recorded concerts by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO), via its amazing website, the Digital Concert Hall. This and many other concerts are in the BPO’s archives.

The symphony #4 in B-flat major by Beethoven is situated between two giants: the Symphony #3 (Eroica), and the well-known Symphony #5. As such, the fourth is not heard all that much. And what a pity that is!

This is a calm, cheerful, melodic work; it reflects the sounds from the forest outside Vienna, where Ludwig van Beethoven frequently took his walks and derived his inspiration.

And how wonderfully is this music played: The wind section has an opportunity to demonstrate its excellence. In particular, the first clarinet really shines here. (See photos at the left side).

The conductor for this concert was Herbert Blomstedt, who frequently had a smile on his face; and it was obvious that it must have been pure pleasure to direct such a group of outstanding musicians!

Here is the Beethoven Symphony No. 4, with Sir Simon Rattle conducting the Berliner Philharmoniker:



And just for fun, here is the same work, and the same orchestra, under conductor Claudio Abbado: Choose the interpretation that you prefer.



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