Colin Davis.

The Staatskapelle Dresden performs:


  • Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 90


  • Symphony in B minor, D759 ‘Unfinished’

Performed by the Staatskapelle Dresden, conducted by Sir Colin Davis

This recording combines two giant works from the classical repertoire:

Schubert never completed his symphony in B-Minor. He left us just tow movements, but this music became some of the best – loved music of all time. It expresses the pathos, and the sadness of Schubert’s brief life.

Johannes Brahms, on the other hand, was always aware that the public saw him and his compositions as though they appeared in the shadow of Beethoven. Brahms knew that he would constantly be compared, and so he took years before he would agree to perform and have published a new work.

As I recall, Brahms had turned 40, before his symphony number 1 was published. And his third symphony is a masterpiece filled with sounds and colors of the Austrian countryside.

I cannot improve on what the BBC Music Magazine, July 2011, wrote about the Schubert:

“The Schubert is beautiful: warm intensity of tone, long phrases that feel elegant and acutely sensitive, at the same time, pathos, grandeur, romantic atmosphere, and underneath all that a feeling of steady, unpressured momentum carrying the music to its conclusion.”

Take it from me: the Brahms Third will be a great enjoyment for you, as well. The late Colin Davis provides us with an outstanding performance.

The Track Listing follows:

Franz Schubert:

1. Symphony D 759: 1. Allegro moderato Symphony No. 7 in B minor “Unfinished”
2. Symphony D 759: 2. Andante con moto Symphony No. 7 in B minor “Unfinished”

Johannes Brahms:

3. Symphony No. 3 in F major Op. 90: 1. Allegro con brio
4. Symphony No. 3 in F major Op. 90: 2. Andante
5. Symphony No. 3 in F major Op. 90: 3. Poco allegretto
6. Symphony No. 3 in F major Op. 90: 4. Allegro

Here is a video of the Schubert Symphony D759 andante con moto, as conducted by Mutti:


And next, here is the Brahms symphony No3, with Sir Colin Davis conducting:



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