Copland conducts Copland.

Copland conducts Copland.

Aaron Copland died in 1990, so this is clearly an old recording. I bring this to you, however, because of its obvious value in having the composer be the interpreter, as well as the creator of this music.

In my view, what made Aaron Copland unique is that he was the originator of what has become the ‘voice’ of American music. Yet – think of it – here was a child of Russian/Jewish parents. He grew up living in many places, including Brooklyn, upstate New York, and he also traveled abroad extensively.

Copland was a student of the amazing Nadia Boulanger in Paris, where he received his core training as a composer.

On this CD, we get to hear very special performances of the following:


  • Appalachian Spring
  • The Tender Land (Suite)
  • Billy the Kid – Suite

Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Aaron Copland.

This is wonderful recording, and especially the strings sound rich and warm.

Gramophone Magazine wrote the following about this recording:

  • “Appalachian Spring is simply stunning.”
  • “Luminous, gleaming orchestral sound, virtuoso brilliance and precision, and a wonderful recording.”

Here is one special video:

From the New York Philharmonic’s “Young People’s Concerts” television series “What is American Music” Leonard Bernstein turns the podium over to Aaron Copland, who conducts his own “Fanfare for the Common Man”



And next, here is Copland’s Symphony for Organ & Orchestra, second movement titled “Scherzo”



Finally, here are excerpts from a recording of Aaron Copland rehearsing his ‘Appalachian Spring’ — the excerpts are discontinuous, which is not optimal, but there are some excellent moments nonetheless.



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