Paul Lewis’ Beethoven.


  • Piano Concertos Nos. 1-5 (complete)

I am a big fan of pianist Paul Lewis. I have enjoyed his interpretation of many of Schubert’s works; and I also love his playing of the Beethoven piano sonatas. So… it is natural for me to explore the Beethoven concertos.

On this recording we get to hear them all, as performed by Paul Lewis (piano), with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jiri Belohlávek

Lewis’ complete set of the Beethoven sonatas enjoyed extraordinary acclaim, culminating in the prestigious ‘Recording of the Year’ award from Gramophone magazine.

Paul Lewis shows us a precise, carefully prepared style, and he communicates a unique sense of the differences between Beethoven’s piano concertos. We hear the youthfulness of the two first concertos, the greater maturity of the third and fourth, and the majesty of the fifth concerto, full of lyrical intimacy and a serious, yet meditative style.

The Times wrote several years ago:

“Lewis isn’t a “look at me” pianist. No barnstorming rage; no cute puppy antics. His simple goal is to get inside the music and propel it outwards, heart and soul, letting it speak without hindrance…Belohlávek shapes the orchestra’s contribution with almost as much care…Here is high-quality music-making, subtle but authoritative, made to last.”

Here is a trailer for this recording:



And next, here is an Interview with Paul Lewis and Jiří Bělohlávek:



Finally, here is Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no 4 in G major, with Paul Lewis, soloist:



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