George Enescu.


  • Piano Trio and Piano Quintet

In addition to being a world-class violinist, pianist, conductor, and teacher, George Enescu was also a composer. In recent years Enescu’s works have become more widely performed.

On this CD, we get to hear the following:


  • Trio in A minor
  • Piano Quintet Op. 29
  • Aria and Scherzino

Performed by the Schubert Ensemble

The Piano Trio is one of the very few works that George Enescu composed during the Second World War; however, it was not performed until years later, when the Enescu authority Pascal Bentoiu presented his own in-depth edition of the work.

The Schubert Ensemble planned to base this recording on the Bentoiu edition of the score, but came to amend it in numerous ways after a close study of the composer’s heavily annotated manuscript.

Also on this disc, is the brief ‘Aria and Scherzino’ for violin, viola, cello, double-bass, and piano, and the Piano Quintet which, like the Piano Trio, was left unperformed for the duration of the composer’s lifetime.

The Schubert Ensemble has established itself over the last thirty years as an excellent performer of music for piano and strings. Regularly giving more than fifty concerts a year in over forty different countries, it has more than eighty commissions to its name and has recorded more than thirty critically acclaimed CD’s.

Here is one of Enescu’s best – known orchestral works The Rumanian Rhapsody No. 1:



And next, listen to violinist Lorenzo Gatto performing the third movement of George Enescu’s Violin Sonata No 3 in A minor Op. 25 in the Finals of the 2009 Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition in Brussels: (Photo at the left side)



Finally, here is the Schubert Ensemble, playing the Enescu Piano Quartet No.1, 1st movement:



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