Jensen Master Class.

Cello Master class.

On Sunday, November 2nd at Stanford University’s Music department, I again confirmed to myself how totally vital it is to have great teachers when one wants to learn any new skill.

One amazing teacher from Northwestern University, Mr. Hans Jorgen Jensen, conducted a Master Class in Cello at 2:30 PM at the Campbell Recital Hall.

Three students were selected to participate:

  • Mosa Tsai
  • Patricia Ryan
  • Jeffrey Kwong

It sure was obvious to me what a huge contribution Mr. Jensen can make in the musical development of an aspiring young cellist. For Mosa Tsai, the focus was on bow handling and control, as well as improving rhythm. And for Patricia Ryan, the instruction dealt with learning to achieve intonation excellence.

What an exciting session this was at Stanford on Sunday afternoon. At my old age, how I wished that I had been exposed to such teaching excellence, when I began to study violin at age 7.

For more about Mr. Jensen, click HERE:

And now for some examples of the results that this fine teacher achieves at the Meadowmount School of Music:

Here is one of Mr. Jensen’s students: Matthew Allen performs the Kodaly Cello Sonata Op 8. What is clear to me is the student’s strong control of his instrument, and also his excellent sense of rhythm:



And here is yet another of Mr. Jensen’s student (not from Sunday’s class):

Anna Burden, cello, plays the Schumann Concerto, first movement: (wonderful tone, and careful, yet mostly very good intonation)



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