Opera tonight.

“Rosenkavalier “at the MET tonight!

  • Metropolitan Opera House

Tonight there is a revival of the Met’s majestic production of “Der Rosenkavalier,” with Martina Serafin, Alice Coote, and Mojca Erdmann in the leading roles; Edward Gardner conducts. (Nov. 25 at 7 PM.)

If you are unable to attend, then consider the recording whose image you see at the left side:

Kiri Te Kanawa always amazed me with her singing, and impressed me with her sensitivity as an actress. As such she is in every way a treasure for any opera lover.

Ms. Te Kanawa floats some pianissimo sounds that bring tears to the eyes.

And Barbara Bonny has the ideal voice for Sophie, and uses it with great artistry.

Here is Kiri Te Kanawa, singing “Hab mir’s gelobt” from Der Rosenkavalier:



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