Rachel Barton Pine.

Music to sooth you–

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Would you like a terrific CD for easy listening? Or do you need some help to calm yourself after a “storm”? Whatever storm you’ve had—

Music is so often the right answer!

And if you have a young child that needs to be calmed, this is doubly good for you—

The performer is Rachel Barton Pine, violinist. She had a huge “storm” in her own life some years ago, and she seems to have overcome her challenges. The other day I heard her perform the Brahms Violin concerto, and was very impressed.

Back to this CD:

Rachel Barton Pine’s exceptional and lovely new CD begins with the famous Brahms Lullaby and includes more well-known melodies along with some lesser known melodies. All of these are beautiful arrangements, and Rachel plays these musical phrases with her usual songful creativity and gorgeous tone.

Violinist Rachel Barton Pine and accompanist Matthew Hagle have chosen over 24 examples of the genre for performance on this disc. The playing is beautiful and the music relaxing, all of it inspirational in its own way.

Brahms’ “Wiegenlied” (“Cradle Song”), possibly the most-famous lullaby ever written, opens the program. It’s positively lovely, with heartfelt playing from Ms. Pine, whose own child must certainly be lucky to have a mother who is a musician who can play these pieces for her now and throughout her life.

Here is the Brahms Lullaby for Violin and piano, as performed by Rachel Barton Pine and Matthew Hagle:



And next, here’s violinist Rachel Barton Pine discussing music, motherhood and her new album, “Violin Lullabies.” Includes a performance of Wiegenlied (Cradle Song) by Max Reger with pianist Matthew Hagle.


Finally, here’s some quite different:
Ms. Pine plays the Paganini Caprice No. 5:


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