Beautiful Mozart.


  • Sonatas for Piano and Violin.

Performed by Christian Tetzlaff, violin; and Lars Vogt, piano

Recording Label: Ondine

I grew up with these pieces, because my father played them when I was a child. Later I learned to play violin on my own, so I performed many of these sonatas myself, and I came to love them.

On this CD, the fine violinist Christian Tetzlaff is joined by one of his regular musical partners, the pianist Lars Vogt, whose sensitive, insightful playing complements Mr. Tetzlaff’s lush tone and elegant interpretations.

The wonder of Mozart in these works is the amazing dialog between the two instruments. At one moment, the piano accompanies the violin. Later the violin plays similar accompanying figures, when the piano if handed the melody. It is all about interactive weaving of beautiful, magical sounds.

The all – Mozart program on this CD consists of:

  • Sonata in B-flat, K. 454
  • Sonata in A-Major, K. 526
  • Sonata in G-Major, K. 379

Here are some extracts of these masterpieces from my Spotify file, called “Hank’s Vogt”


What is so amazing about these compositions is their simplicity. Yet believe me, from my own experience of struggling to play them properly, they are not easy. They require delicate cooperation and total control of your instrument.

Here is an example:

Mozart – Sonata in G major, K.301 (293a) – II. Allegro


And next, here is Soo-Been Lee in W.A. Mozart’s Sonata in G major K 301 (Sorry; please click “Skip Ad”)



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