Flute Sonatas.

C P E Bach:

  • Flute Sonatas

In this special collection of Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach’s complete solo flute sonatas, one can hear how the composer expressed his emotions, as he pours into his works the joy and sadness of his life.

These wonderful performances draw the listener in to the imagination of the composer and allow them to feel his innermost feelings.

The music is performed by Jed Wentz (transverse flute), Job ter Haar (cello), and Michael Borgstede (harpsichord), with the early music group, “Musica ad Rhenum”. (Jed Wentz, photo at left).

Passion and music went hand in hand in the Baroque era. Not only was music a way to express the passion of the composer, but it could also stimulate passion in the listener.

The sonatas are performed on period instruments by Musica ad Rhenum, one of the world’s leading early music groups, which has earned an international reputation since its formation in 1992.

Here is an audio example of C.P.E. Bach’s Sonata for Flute Solo in a-minor, WQ 132:



And here is C P E Bach’s Sonata in a minor for flute alone:



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