Music for Guitar.

Guitar Sonatas by:

  • Scarlatti, Giuliani, and Ponce

The guitar is an old, old instrument, and craftsmen for many years have worked to improve this instrument. I believe that even violin – maker Antonio Stradivari may have built guitars.

In any event, I love the instrument, and this CD brings us the following music:


  • Sonata in C major, Op. 15

Ponce, M:

  • Guitar Sonata No. 3

Scarlatti, D:

  • Keyboard Sonata K322 in A major


  • Keyboard Sonata K208 in A major


  • Keyboard Sonata K380 in E major


Performed by Andrea Vettoretti (guitar)

Composer Mauro Giuliani contributed a considerable number of works to the guitar repertoire, appreciated not only for their rich creativity, but also for the virtuosic instrumental effects that they contained.

In Manuel Maria Ponce (b. Fresnillo 1882 – d. Mexico City 1948), we meet one of Mexico’s first major musical representatives of the Twentieth Century.

This recording also features works by Domenico Scarlatti (b. Napoli 1685 – d. Madrid 1757), which reflect both the technical and expressive potential of the guitar.

Here is music performed by Andrea Vettoretti:



And next, here is “Gran jota de Francisco Tarrega”, performed by Andrea Vettoretti:



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