Federiko Mompou.


Music by Mompou.

Very often music is about silence: the silences between the notes. And the music of Catalan composer Federiko Mompou straddles the line beautifully between music and silence.

This is music that almost isn’t there…that’s how some of the selections on this disc impress me and this is certainly not a criticism; rather it’s a reaction to the way the music is composed.

Russian pianist Arcady Volodos seems to have a firm grasp on this aspect of these compositions, which are the opposite of exciting crashing sounds.

The recorded sound on this CD is fine, with pianissimos that recede to barely audible. This is a great choice as music for going to sleep.

Here is Arcadi Volodos playing Mompou’s “Jeunes filles au jardin”:



And next, here is pianist Stephen Hough playing Federico Mompou’s “Secreto” as an encore after a recital in Quebec City.



Finally, here is the composer himself: Federico Mompou (16 April 1893 — 30 June 1987) performs his “Cançons i danses No. 1-2-3”:



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