Fletcher’s Guitar.


Edvard Grieg:

This is a recital of Edvard Grieg’s lovely Lyric Pieces for piano, transcribed for solo guitar. Guitarist Peter Fletcher wrote the transcriptions for this recording.

Mr. Fletcher is in demand as a performer in cultural venues throughout the United States.

Here’s what we hear on this CD:


  • Lyric Pieces I (8), Op. 12
  • Lyric Pieces IX (6), Op. 68
  • Lyric Pieces Op. 47: No. 3 – Melody
  • Lyric Pieces Op. 65: No. 2 – Bondens sang
  • Lyric Pieces Op. 71: No. 1 – Once upon a Time
  • 19 Norwegian Folksongs, Op. 66: Gjendines bådnlåt
  • Lyric Pieces Op. 43: No. 3 – In der Heimat
  • Lyric Pieces Op. 47: No. 7 – Elegy
  • Lyric Pieces Op. 71: No. 7 – Remembrances

Performed by Peter Fletcher (guitar)

Let me illustrate Mr. Fletcher’s musicianship with some videos:

First, the Gymnopedie by Satie:



And next, here is Peter Fletcher, entertaining the audience in Santa Monica. CA.



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