Haitink’s Bruckner.



  • Symphony No. 9 in D Minor

Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, Bernard Haitink conducting.

Bernard Haitink, well-known for his interpretations of music by Anton Bruckner, returns to lead the London Symphony following his acclaimed recording of the fourth Symphony.

Bruckner’s symphonies are often described as ‘Gothic cathedrals in sound,’ an excellent description considering the composer’s devout faith, and his early vocation as an organist.

For me, Anton Bruckner was a master in orchestration and instrumentation. While I do hear the echoes of Richard Strauss, and also Mahler and Wagner, Bruckner had the capability to really move the listener with his music.

The composer died before he could finish his 9th Symphony, but within its three movements can be found some of his most complete music, filled with a sense of deep feeling and determination.

The Sunday Times, 19th January 2014, wrote:

“Haitink, as ever, maintains a magisterial grasp on the architectural span of Bruckner’s final “cathedral in sound”. In his 85th year, he is the doyen of the world’s great Brucknerians. His latest interpretation of the Ninth is not to be missed.”

Here is Bruckner’s Symphony No. 9 D minor, with Claudio Abbado conducting the Berliner Philharmoniker:



And next, here is another section of the same Bruckner work:



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