Rudolf Buchbinder.



Impromptus D899 and Piano Sonata number 21, D960



Performed by Rudolf Buchbinder,  piano


Rudolf Buchbinder’s recent new CD contains his new account of Franz Schubert‘s  Sonata,D 960, paired with those amazing Four Impromptus D 899.

This recording documents Buchbinder’s live recital at the Musikverein in Vienna on 27 September 2012.

Buchbinder is a special pianist whose insights and knowledge enable him to deliver exquisite interpretations – astounding from a technical viewpoint, and amazing  stylistically. This is the case here too.

Perhaps we heard before more melancholic versions of this last sonata by Schubert and somewhat different readings of the Impromptus, but Buchbinder’s skills continue to be so satisfying. There is a vivid drama and painful struggles in the Sonata and witty playfulness in the four miniatures.

Here is Mr. Buchbinder in Mozart‘s Piano Concerto #25: (Please click “Skip Ad”)


And next, here he is in Schubert’s Impromptu #3:



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