Tabea’s Hindemith.


Hindemith: Complete Viola Works, Volume 2.

  • Sonatas for Viola and Piano, and for Solo Viola

Violist Tabea Zimmermann commemorated the 50th anniversary of death of Paul Hindemith with the recording of his complete works for viola.

We hear the following selections:


  • Sonata for Viola & Piano in F major, Op. 11 No. 4
  • Sonata for solo Viola, Op. 11 No. 5
  • Sonata for Solo Viola, Op. 25 No. 1
  • Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op. 25 No. 4
  • Sonata for solo viola, Op. 31 No. 4
  • Sonata for solo viola (1937)
  • Sonata for Viola & Piano in C major (1939)

Performed by Tabea Zimmermann (viola) and Thomas Hoppe (piano)

Hindemith is today regarded as a key composer for the instrument, and was a famous violist himself who premiered the viola concertos by Darius Milhaud and William Walton.

Ordered by their creation date on this double album, these seven compositions give an impressive insight of Hindemith‘s development as a composer, from the early works of the year 1919 to the mature and epic sonatas of the late 1930‘s.

I was unable to locate any videos of Ms. Zimmermann performing the works of Hindemith. As such, I have the following “substitutes” for you:

Here is Kristina Fialová – viola, Martin Levický – piano- performing the Paul Hindemith Sonata for viola and piano op.11/4



And next, here is Ori Kam, viola, (Photo at top left) performing beautifully the Hindemith Sonata Op. 11 No. 4:



Finally, here are Meidad Yehudayan, Viola, and Chong Ying, Piano.
(Listen to that wonderful warm sound!)



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