Debussy’s Quartet.


Claude Debussy:

  • The String Quartet.

I listened to Debussy’s quartet very carefully for the past several days. I had missed the wonder of this music, because I was not listening carefully or adequately before (!)

Claude Debussy composed his only string quartet in 1893.

Pierre Boulez said that Claude Debussy freed chamber music from “rigid structure, frozen rhetoric and rigid aesthetics.” It seems as though impressionistic music had the same freeing effect, as did impressionist Art.

Here is the Debussy String Quartet Op.10 in G – first movement, ‘Animé et très décidé’, as performed by the Jerusalem String Quartet:


Members of the Jerusalem Quartet are:

  • Alexander Pavlovsky, violin
  • Sergei Bresler, violin
  • Ori Kam, viola
  • Kyril Zlotnikov, cello

And next, here is the same Debussy String Quartet Op.10 in G, third movement, titled ‘Andantino, doucement expressif’: (What sad and expressive music that is!)



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