Faure Quartet.


Strauss and Mahler:

  • Piano Quartets and Lieder

Richard Strauss and Gustav Mahler lived during the same time in Vienna. For that matter, since both composers were also conductors, each actually performed the other’s works.

Mahler was very impressed with Strauss’ music, especially the Opera “Salome”. And Strauss actually performed several of Mahler’s early symphonies.

As such, it is quite appropriate that this recording features Lieder by both composers, and also the Piano Quartets by Gustav Mahler; the works we get to hear are:


  • Erinnerung (Lieder und Gesänge aus der Jugendzeit)

Simone Kermes (soprano)

Simone Kermes (soprano)

  • Piano Quartet (in one movement) in A minor

Strauss, R:

  • Piano Quartet in C minor, Op. 13
  • Cäcilie, Op. 27 No. 2

Simone Kermes (soprano)

  • Die Nacht, Op. 10 No. 3

Simone Kermes (soprano)

  • Morgen, Op. 27 No. 4

Simone Kermes (soprano)

  • Zueignung, Op. 10 No. 1

Simone Kermes (soprano)

Simone Kermes (soprano)

  • Allerseelen, Op. 10 No. 8

Simone Kermes (soprano)

Performed by the Fauré Quartet.

Members of the Fauré Quartet are:

  • Dirk Mommertz (piano)
  • Erika Geldsetzer (violin)
  • Sascha Frömbling (viola) and
  • Konstantin Heidrich (cello)

Collaborating for the first time with the Fauré Quartet is soprano Simone Kermes, (photo at left); they perform pieces by Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss, featuring Lieder from Strauss’ early period, and Mahler Lieder arranged by Dietrich Zöllner.

Simone Kermes shows us with these Lieder interpretations the diversity of her singing style. In equal measure the Fauré Quartet once again demonstrates the enormous range of its repertoire.

Ms. Kermes has received a number of international awards for her solo albums, such as the annual prize of the Deutsche Schallplattenkritik, the Diapason d`Or, Midem Award, Choc Le Monde de la Musique, Gramophone magazine’s CD of the Month and the Echo Prize.

Here is the Gustav Mahler Piano Quartet, as performed by Wolfgang David – violin, Yushan Li – viola, Wolfgang Panhofer – cello, and Christopher Devine – piano:



And next, here is the Fauré Quartett playing the Mozart piano quartet G-minor KV. 478:



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