For my own entertainment on a Saturday afternoon, I clicked around on the Web, and suddenly I discovered Gabriela Montero.

I listened to the music magic of this pianist, as she responded to audience members, asking her to improvise on music themes that that they love.

What a great way to have fun with music, and especially with compositions that one has held close to one’s heart for many years. This was really a great enjoyable experience for me.

Let me show you what I mean:

Here is Gabriela Montero with her improvisation on Bach’s Goldberg Variations:



And next, Gabriela Montero improvises a Tango:



One more: Gabriela Montero improvises on the first movement of Rachmaninoff‘s third piano concerto in the style of a Baroque Piece:



And the last one: Improvisation on Mozart; Gabriela Montero improvises on Mozart’s Piano Concerto Number 20:


Wonderful, Huh?


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