• Symphony No. 2 in B flat major, Op. 52 ‘Lobgesang’

Performed by Christiane Karg, Christina Landshamer (sopranos) and Michael Schade (tenor), with the Chorus & Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio, Pablo Heras-Casado conducting

The ‘Lobgesang’ (or ‘Hymn of Praise’) symphony by Mendelssohn was commissioned by the city of Leipzig from its Director of Bands, Mendelssohn, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the invention of printing in 1840. It is a symphony, yet also a cantata and oratorio.

While the instrumentation is like Beethoven’s Ninth, we have in this work a symphonic miniature in three movements, intended to act as the overture to the sung part of the work, which is twice as long. Thus this interesting ‘Symphony-Cantata’ expands into a sweeping vocal and choral epic work.

Here is Mendelssohn Symphony No. 2 ‘Lobgesang’, performed by the Halle Orchestra – Sir Mark Elder conductor:



And here is the Mendelssohn Lobgesang part 2:



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