One Great Beethoven.


Mutter’s Gems.

I own a fairly large collection of classical recordings. At least one of these goes back to a gift that I received on my 13th birthday. The rest include many LP’s rescued from a defunct Radio station where I worked as a host of a Radio program.

And now I receive recordings from CD and DVD manufacturers, whose products I regularly review at my Blog.

Recently I went back and pulled a “gem” from my large library: The 2-DVD recording of the 10 sonatas for piano and violin by Beethoven, performed by Anne – Sophie Mutter and Lambert Orkis, as recorded in 2001.

Both performers are totally amazing in this recording. As a violinist myself, I hear many subtleties in these performances that others might miss. In the Violin Sonata No. 5, (Spring Sonata), Ms. Mutter is spectacular.

Here are just two examples:

The pianissimos are really impressive: She applied no vibrato, and the result is almost silence. Beethoven repeated the opening theme of the first movement four or five times (who’s counting?). Yet each time that this theme returns, Ms. Mutter plays that theme ever so slightly differently. A sight Rubato here, no Rubato there, all so wonderful!

And the second movement of the same sonata is – for me – a dirge-like elegy for someone that Ms. Mutter might have deeply cared for…

Here is the Beethoven Violin Sonata No.5 Op.24, performed by Anne – Sophie Mutter and Lambert Orkis:



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