Ian Bostridge, Tenor.


Songs by Franz Schubert.

From the high energy of Schubert’s song ‘Der Strom’ to the quiet contemplation of the song ‘Die Sterne’, this sensitively performed program explores the great range and deep insights of the composer’s Lieder.

We get to hear the following Lieder as performed by Ian Bostridge (tenor), and Julius Drake (piano):


Der Strom, D565 (poet unknown)
Auf der Donau, D553 (Mayrhofer)
Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren D360 (Mayrhofer)
Nachtstück, D672 (Mayrhofer)
Viola, D786 (Schober)
Abendstern, D806
Gondelfahrer, D808
Auflösung, D807
Widerschein, D949
Alinde, D904
Rastlose Liebe, D138
Geheimes, D719 (Goethe)
Versunken D715 (Goethe)
Der Winterabend (Es ist so still), D938
Die Sterne, D939 (Leitner)
Strophe aus Die Gotter Greichenlands D677
An den Mond, D259 (Goethe)


An den Mond, D296

Tenor Ian Bostridge’s sensitive feeling for words and music in the songs of Franz Schubert, were developed and refined over more than twenty years of his performances. His interpretations strike a balance between the formal craft of Schubert’s writing and its qualities of spiritual feelings.

Here is Ian Bostridge in Schubert’s “Erlkönig”



And next here is Ian Bostridge in Schubert’s “Die Forelle




Finally here is Schubert’s “Winterreise”, recorded live, with Ian Bostridge and Julius Drake, piano.




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