Mothers and Daughters.


Bloody Daughter.

This is a 2 – DVD set made up of a documentary about Martha Argerich (told from the perspective of her daughter, Stephanie Argerich), as well as a concert DVD filmed in Warsaw, Poland in 2010.

Stephanie’s father, pianist Stephan Kovacevich, is also featured in the film which Stephanie shot over two decades – there is lots of footage here from home movies, as well as tender exploration of the relationships that her mother has had and, to a degree, the nature of the traveling life of a world-class musician like Martha Argerich.

It is fascinating to see the interpersonal interactions, and how Martha lights up when she is in front of a keyboard.

One of the most interesting sections of the documentary involves Martha talking about the works of various composers. She mentions Schumann and Beethoven; and she tries to put into words what they mean to her – but the words fail her. Finally she says, that you just have to listen to the music.

Particularly poignant is the portion of the film where daughter Stephanie is trying to get her father to add his name to her birth certificate and he does not understand why this is so important to Stephanie, and why this is worth all of the effort. Stephanie’s sister Lyda is also present in the film, and their recollections of their mother are also captivating.

Ms. Argerich’s concert in Warsaw is totally delightful. It features Chopin’s Piano Concert No. 1, as well as Mazurka Op. 24, No. 7, and Schumann’s Traumeswirren Op. 12, No. 7.

This music is virtuoso stuff, start to finish, and Martha brings to life all of the emotional content that is there at the core of the music. The combination of these two DVD’s made this a wonderful experience for me.

Here is the Chopin Piano Concerto No 1 E minor, with Martha Argerich, piano, and Charles Dutoit conducting:




And next, just for a change, here is Martha Argerich in Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto in C minor:


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