Salut Salon.


Fun with Salut Salon.

Music is so universal that it can be so many things for all people: Soothing, serious, sad, but also joyous, funny, amusing, and certainly entertaining.

Salut Salon is the name of a women’s chamber music quartet formed in Hamburg, Germany. It consists of piano, Cello, and two violins. It was founded by violinists Angelika Bachmann und Iris Siegfried.

While the group was founded in 2000, the group has also appeared in regular concerts in the US, in China, and also in Canada, in Chile, in Russia, as well as in Switzerland, Italy, Luxemburg and Spain.

What this group is all about is creative programming to achieve great fun for the audience. Rather than Mozart or Beethoven, which have their places of humor, the Salut Salon entertains us with unique arrangements of old works such as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, as well as funny combinations of instruments, and acrobatic performances by one player on another’s instrument.

Let me illustrate with amusing examples:

Here is Salut Salon in “Competitive Foursome”:



And next, here they are in “Levan Polkka”:



Finally, here they are in “We’ll Meet Again”:



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