The Drop.


The Drop That Contained the Sea.

Our planet is experiencing a shortage of water. This is catastrophic in some parts of the world, and highly worrisome in other parts.

This recording deals with the flow of water in musical terms.

Composer Christopher Tin says:

“The Drop That Contained the Sea is a collection of commissioned works, re-imagined and arranged for chorus and orchestra. Each of the 10 pieces is sung in a different language, exploring a different vocal tradition. Each piece also deals with water in a different form, arranged in the order that water flows through the world: melting snow, mountain streams, rivers, the ocean, and so forth. And like my last album, “Calling All Dawns”, the end of the album flows back into the beginning, reflecting the endless nature of the water cycle. “

He also writes that:

“The Drop That Contained the Sea comes from a Sufi concept: in the same way that every drop of water contains the essence of the sea, inside every human is the essence of all of humanity. In keeping with this idea I’ve introduced a water theme in the prelude, and woven subtle variations throughout the album. It contains all seven notes of a major scale-four descending and three ascending-mirroring the flow of water through our world, and representing the vast ocean of melodic possibility contained within a single scale. “

Track Listings:
1. Water Prelude (feat. Angel City Chorale)
2. Haktan Gelen Serbeti – ‘The Drink from God’ (feat. Kardes Türküler)
3. Temen Oblak – ‘Dark Clouds’ (feat. Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares)
4. Iza Ngomso – ‘Come Tomorrow’ (feat. Soweto Gospel Choir)
5. Tsas Narand Uyarna – ‘The Heart of Snow’ (feat. Nominjin)
6. Passou o Verão – ‘Summer Has Gone’ (feat. Dulce Pontes)
7. Devipravaha – ‘Goddess River’ (feat. Roopa Mahadevan)
8. Seirenes – ‘Sirens’ (feat. Anonymous 4)
9. Haf Gengr Hriðum – ‘The Storm-Driven Sea’ (feat. Schola Cantorum)
10. Waloyo Yamoni – ‘We Overcome the Wind’ (feat. Soweto Gospel Choir)

Here is the “Baba Yetu“, the hit theme to Civilization IV – composed by Christopher Tin and featured on the Grammy-winning album ‘Calling All Dawns’. Performed by the Grammy-winning Soweto Gospel Choir with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


Finally, here is the sound track from “The Drop That Contained The Sea” by Christopher Tin:


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